12/24 Volt Jump Start Box

Introducing the formidable 12/24 Volt Jump Start Box: A true titan in the world of automotive power solutions. Expertly crafted to tackle the challenges of even the most robust semi-trucks, this unit laughs in the face of adversity. No tractor is too stubborn, no engine too weary. With the flexibility to effortlessly switch between 12 and 24 volts, it offers unparalleled adaptability. Equip yourself with this unit and watch as it breathes life into giants with unparalleled grace and power. Your search for a relentless power ally ends here.


Dive into the advanced features of our new box, meticulously engineered to meet diverse automotive requirements:

  • 12/24 Volt Selective Power: Your power, your choice. With a convenient plug, effortlessly switch between 12 and 24 volts to meet the diverse demands of varied vehicles, from standard cars to tenacious semi-trucks, ensuring the perfect power delivery for every situation.
  • Wheels for Smooth Mobility: Transitioning from one spot to another is now effortless. With our rugged wheels, you can transport your box seamlessly across different terrains.
  • Flat-Free Tires: No more deflation worries. Our box is equipped with flat-free tires, crafted meticulously to eliminate puncture concerns, ensuring uninterrupted mobility and long-lasting reliability.
  • Integrated Ammeter: Keep track, and stay aware. Our in-built ammeter facilitates real-time monitoring of the charging process, so you’re never left guessing.
  • Powerful Battery Capacity: One box, multiple rescues. Boasting a significant battery strength, our box is capable of jump-starting multiple vehicles on a single charge.
  • Cold Cranking Amps (CCA): Power that doesn’t back down. With a whopping 2400 CCA, this box ensures that your vehicle gets the robust boost it requires, especially during colder conditions.
  • Intuitive Voltage Indicators: Safety meets sophistication. Integrated lights provide instant feedback on voltage status, alerting you in case of reverse polarity or short circuits, ensuring both protection and peace of mind during use.

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